Quiet Symbols

“QUIET SYMBOLS IV” | Intstallation | Athens 2008-09

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The project quiet symbols [quiet symbols] is an experimental communication between three [3] video projections and certain sound.

Quiet symbols attempts to comment on the relation of symbols [ codes] that we daily run into the urban web and the media. It comments, in its own way, the familiarization, and the importance that these codes have gained among people. Proof to that is the fact that we sent into space a visual message in the unlikely case of intelligent beings receiving it.

The research of the codes that we use is a subject matter of Semiotics. The way the human brain accepts these messages and the way that they influence our actions is a subject of scientific research.

The quiet symbols project’s structure uses a series of visual and sound points, parts of a wider code that we all have received from various sources. The social conventions ensure that the points cannot mean anything a person wants them to mean. The experts say that we can only recognize what we already know.
However, the degree of familiarization with these points differs in each person, because each of us composes them in a different degree and way, always according to the data given by science.

We officially call signifier [signifier] – the form that the signal takes, and signified [signified] – the significance it represents.

The project quiet symbol devises new use for the signals and shows to the viewer a relation between artificial language and reality. It proposes its own organisation of empiric data, and allows the viewer to create his or her own personal aesthetic experience. It wants to arouse the viewer’s recognition memory and the creation of optical-sound episode, an experience unique to each person.

At the same time, it researches the sound and the symbols in relation to the periodicity and the repetition. Using a visual way, it wants to reveal questions regarding the process of screening of information by the human brain. Which are the elements that we select and combine in order to control the outside world.

In the course of research about the relation of time and visuals that the human brain receives from certain stimuli, and about the way that the information is recorded in the memory, and then recalled when they later needed as recollection, the project quiet symbols has changed greatly since its initial version.

It tries to bridge these concepts and it impresses this information as a new visual code.

The project consists of 3 video projections in closed space.

Duration: 06.00 minutes

Sound: Ιοαnnis

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