“CREATION – 14/11/15000000000″ | Installations | Athens 2001


In the course of the preparation of my diploma thesis, which intended to map the dialectic relation between visual creation, and sciences that deal with the dimension of time, and the creation of the world [Genesis].

First, a video was made, recording the oscillation of the level of a liquid (water) from the equilibrium to the biggest oscillation, and then again to the equilibrium. It was an effort to comprehend ceaseless movement, if one adopts the “Theory of Everything” [Accepting that the components of matter are not material points, but very thin strings that palpitate] as a more possible explanation about the world’s creation.

This video, the result of the recording of flow of the vivifying water, will constitute the first part of the trilogy “String”, “Creation”, “Big Bang”, and the main axis of the diploma thesis, concerning the visual in its total. The second part is a picture of foetus in amniotic fluid. The foetus, as a complex life-form of primal matter, symbolizes the “Creation”, and this is an explicit of the reference to the sixth day of creation [In the day that God created man he made him in the likeness of God] [Genesis, 5:1]

In the third part, the “light”, the wave is once again the element that links the previous parts and, here it takes the form of light, in an attempt to comprehend more deeply the universe and its ceaseless movement. What we call “Creation” is an expression of images and notes as a piece of mathematic music.

The origin of this attempt is personal research and anguish. It began with certain philosophical and scientific questions, which more or less all of us ask, and art serving as a vehicle towards this destination. I wish that the viewer would be able to conceive that simply as a deposit of questions that constitute the creation, and what it actually expresses is nothing more than thoughts, not a portrayal of reality.

The work is constituted by 6 video projections, which symbolize the six of the seven days of creation. The sixth day, Man, is not enacted symbolically in a video, but is supplemented with the participation of the viewer.

The work is constituted by 6 video projections in closed space

Duration: 16. 00 min

Sound Synthesis: Ioannis
Special Effects: ‘Αγις Λυμπερόπουλος

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